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Bar Bellaccino Philosophy“Without my morning coffee I’m just a dried up piece of roast goat.”
Johann Sebastian bach (1685-1750) The Coffee Cantata

Our goal at Bar Bellaccino is to deliver great coffee, quickly and with a smile. Over the years our goals have not changed, however our coffee has evolved. This year we have imported superb Kenyan and Cuban beans, with some more exciting beans on the way.

It’s also our intention to find the finest coffee from around the world and present them to our customers in a way that positions Bar Bellaccino as the place to get the world’s best coffee.

We are also very conscious of the environment and have always been focused on how we to support sustainable brands such as fair trade and rainforest alliance.

“Come on, don’t you ever stop and smell the coffee?”
- Justina Chen, North of Beautiful

We invest care into choosing the beans and the blends. We understand that a good coffee drink is not just a product, but a service: it involves a degree of performance and expertise in preparing. Therefore, each barista goes through a certified course prior to serving customers.


SPEED – Bar Bellaccino uses specialized technologies and emphasizes staff training to ensure that products are delivered to customers very quickly.

FRESHNESS – Bar Bellaccino’s coffee is freshly roasted every day – our beans are roasted in Sydney and are sent to our stores at the perfect time for coffee extraction and consumption.

The majority of our dine-in meals are prepared only as ordered by customers, and only with fresh, choice ingredients, which are delivered daily to each branch. Preparing meals by order allows customers to personalize their orders.

VALUE – The Bar Bellaccino team seeks regular, repeat customers, by offering the best value for their money. And, smiling doesn’t add anything to food cost: our staff are trained to provide personalised, friendly service, which we believe is crucial to building a loyal customer base.

HEALTH – W e understands that today’s customers are informed about the importance of diet in health and appearance. Therefore, our dietary experts ensure that each meal is nutritionally balanced and contributes positively to our customer’s health.

We go the “extra mile” to give customers the best. This is seen in our Cold Press Juices – this juice extraction is slower and more costly though delivers four times the nutriments and much more flavor that traditional centrifugal juices.

DESIGN – Bar Bellaccino employs top designers to create a contemporary coffee bar experience. Everything
– from the furnishings to the dishes to the music – is designed in concept with the individual location in mind to create a top, identifiable brand.

INNOVATION – we believe that innovation is the key to keeping the edge among our competitors. Bar Bellaccino is continually researching and implementing new communication, entertainment and service technologies in our branches. In addition to new technologies, Bar Bellaccino also keeps abreast of market data in order to anticipate consumer demands with innovative products and services.

“As long as there was coffee in the world, how bad could things be?”
- Cassandra Clare, City of Ashes